Booster Conduct

DO NOT do the following with prospective student-athletes:

  • Contact a prospective student-athlete or anyone associated with a prospect in any way.
  • Make any arrangements for a prospect.
  • Contact enrolled student-athletes at other four-year institutions.
  • Provide any benefits to middle or high school, preparatory school, or Junior College coaches at any time.
  • Establish any fund for the purpose of recruiting prospective student-athletes.

Employment of Student-Athletes

  • DO NOT provide employment to a prospective or currently enrolled student-athlete without checking with the MVSU athletic department first.
  • DO NOT employ a prospective student-athlete prior to the completion of the prospect’s senior year of high school.
  • DO NOT provide free transportation to and from jobs for student-athlete employees unless such transportation is provided to all employees.

 do the following for currently enrolled student-athletes:

  • Provide any type of financial assistance for student-athletes or their families for any reason.
  • Provide any extra benefit or special arrangement to student-athletes or their families.
  • Pay to entertain student-athletes, their friends or relatives.
  • Provide gifts or awards to a student-athlete for his/her athletic performance.
  • Use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete for any reason. This will render the student-athlete immediately ineligible.
  • Provide an honorarium to a student-athlete for any speaking engagement.