Cash Gifts

The easiest gift to value for tax purposes (i.e., checks, cash, credit cards).


Gifts that directly offset Athletic Department expenses and are accepted.  All gifts-in-kind must be pre-approved.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer to match their employees’ gifts to athletic scholarship organizations.  All matching gifts to benefit athletics must be made payable through the V-Club Foundation.  Contact your human resources office as policies affecting qualifying gifts vary.  A company reserves the right to change their gift policy at any time.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Several options exist for donors to make gifts to the V-Club outside of cash donations. Often, deferred gifts qualify you for an income tax deduction and preferential capital gains tax treatment.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of real estate may be made to the V-Club.

Endowed Funds

An endowment is a permanent gift that provides V- Club Athletics with a secure source of future revenue.  Endowed funds can be made to a specific athletic scholarship or be directed toward V- Club athletic facilities.  They can also be classified as unrestricted (endowed) funds to support V- Athletics.  A minimum commitment of $10,000 is required to establish an endowed fund while V- Club donors may also make gifts to existing endowed funds.  Endowed athletic gifts may not be used toward priority seating obligations; however, V- Club donors may receive priority points credit for gifts to athletic endowed funds.