About Us

MVSU V Club Initiatives

Working in full coordination with MVSU (Mississippi Valley State University) Development Staff and MVSU Athletics, the MVSU V Club Top Four (4) Initiatives are:

Why become a Member

Academics and athletics work together at Mississippi Valley State University to enhance the student-athlete experience, as both go hand-in-hand to promote excellence. The Athletic Department needs financial support as it strives to build the type of program which is first class in every respect. In order to attract quality student-athletes, provide the facilities necessary to successfully compete in the SWAC, and ensure each student-athlete is successful on and off the field, financial support is desperately needed through membership in the V Club.

Looking forward...

MVSU V Club growth will bring enhanced donor benefits and new giving opportunities. The MVSU V Club will continue to engage and inspire the MVSU community of supporters to provide the resources for our Student-athletes to achieve at their highest potential. The growth of the V Club is the driving force behind our ability to compete for SWAC Championships and beyond.

Note: The MVSU V Club DOES NOT host or coordinate any athletic events for Mississippi Valley State University.